Signal Converters

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ADM/ADW Series - Trip Transmitters, Transducers

View our informative technical factsheet for our ADM/ADW transmitters and trip transducers. The input(s), contacts, supply and earth are fully isolated. Whether the function is rtd, voltage, current, slidewire, millivolt, strain gauge etc take a look below. Another standard feature is that the optical drive is up to 20mA into a 20V loop (current) and up to 10V at up to 20mA loading (voltage).

ADM230 - Current/Voltage Input/Output Transmitter

Our ADM230 CURRENT/VOLTAGE Input/Output TRANSMITTER – is custom built, calibrated and supplied to meet your specification. The ADM230 is the tested and trusted transmitter for converting your current or voltage signals into proportional industry standard signals.