Government selects HGRT reactor for demonstration

The UK signals for a Resurgence in Nuclear, as government announces its selection in HTGR reactor for demonstration.


In an announcement made by Greg Hands, bespoken to the Nuclear 2021, the following was said.


“I’m pleased to announce that we will focus on HTGRs as the technology choice for the programme moving forward,”



This is very exciting indeed.



Hand’s statement at the Nuclear 2021, as organised by the Nuclear Industry Association, London, but a few days ago, served as confirmation of the technology, which has previously come to light as the UK governments preferred choice earlier this year.

And so, the UK will be carrying this forward into its Advanced Modular Reactor Research, Development & Demonstration Programme.  This HTGR, (high-temperature gas reactor), is to take the spotlight within this project


The objective of this Programme, is to provide proof of the promise and protentional for these advanced reactors, through demonstration by a point as early in time at the early 2030’s.  With the accumulated high temperature heat to be put towards hydrogen production, to supply industrial process, with the possibility of the district heating and electricity generation.

The inclusion of hydrogen and synthetic fuels, bring with it the opportunity to decarbonise these industries, and rapidly, and consequentially the energy grid as a whole.



The prospectus of this is there to be had.



The important facet of HTGR’s, is the running parallel within the processes involved within HTGR’s and the gas processes of yesterday’s world, with many of these skills, the expertise in gas-cooled reactor technology, able to be retained and repurposed towards these newfound nuclear builds.


This announcement comes as a clear indicator to both industry and investors that the UK is ready and raring to go with nuclear development.  The change of opinion from government, surrounding nuclear from the last few months, has come as a welcome endorsement for the promise that nuclear can provide.  First with the announcing of government funding, to help forward Roll-Royce’s plan for a new generation of nuclear SMR’s, to be built across the UK, and now with this week, with the government selection of HTGR, for reactor demonstrations, shows a clear renewed interest in nuclear infrastructure in the UK.



Will the UK come to lead the next generation of nuclear development?



Only time will tell.

Nuclear Plant Blueprint Img
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