ADM230KW – Auto Manual Station

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About Amelec

The ADM230KW is our auto manual station process input/output suitable for SIL 1, 2 & 3 applications

  • Input is any standard configured to accept a 4-20mA signal but and std process current or voltage range may be specified
  • Output is normally configured for a 4-20mA output but any std current or voltage range may be specified. The sense resistor on the output side of the unit being 50Ω, developing 0.2-1.0V as either the input or the manual control varies 0-100%.
  • Typical output range:
    Current 4-20mA (into 1200Ω max), 0-10mA (into 2400Ω max)
    Voltage: 0-5Vdc (min load 250Ω), 0-10Vdc (min load 500Ω)

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