ADG231 – Process 4-20mA Input Signal Splitter Isolator

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Our ADG231 4-20mA Signal Splitter Isolator, a big brother to our ultra-compact low cost ADG230 Signal Isolator, the new ultra–Slim ADG231 Signal Splitter allows up to 60 Isolated 4-20mA repeat output loops to be generated along just 12 inches of Din Rail. Suitable for combinations of process V/I input and outputs, powered by 24V DC supply.

The four ports are galvanically isolated from each other and can either be the same or of different value! Suitable for use in SIL1, SIL2 and SIL3 rated Safety System Loop applications (IEC61508). Its ultra slim design allows for up to 30 units along 12” length of din rail.

Next day delivery is available if required.

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