AST133X – Dual Channel Process Trip Amplifier with single set points

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About Amelec

The AST133X is our Dual Channel process Trip Amplifier with single set points which is suitable for SIL1, SIL2 & SIL3 rated (EN 61508-2) Safety Instrumented System (SIS) loop applications.

Input; Any continuous or Switching DC voltage or current process signals may be specified, which can be routed into a pi network to develop a 400mV span. Inputs share a common internal 0V reference, so should be isolated from each other at source as standard.  Current Ranges or levels up to 100mA max input, Voltage ranges or levels up to 150Vdc max.

Relay Outputs; Each Trip output is a set of changeover contacts (S.P.C.O) rated at 250VAC, 2A, 100VA resistive. Fail Safe Relays, De-Energise on Trip & on loss of power as standard.

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