AEC232 – 4-20mA Process Input Signal Isolator Output with Trip

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About Amelec

Our AEC232 4-20mA Signal Isolator W/ Trip Amplifier – suitable for combinations of process V/I (DC) input and output signals with a trip set point. The AEC232 boasts innovatively integrated isolation and 1:1 conversion of standard current signals. Its compact design is useful for space saving, low power consumption and accurate signal isolator/converter capabilities.

Manufactured with a true universal AC/DC supply voltage 21V through 265V AC/DC. The AEC232 has a one trip relay output that gives a set of change over contacts. The trip set point is adjustable by 15 turn potentiometers, as well as an adjustable hysteresis set by 15 turn potentiometers (1 to 5%).

All AMELEC manufactured instruments are supplied calibrated to customer requirements, calibration certificates traceable to national standards are available on request at time of order.

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