ADT181DI – Frequency Input Single Ouput Trip Amplifier with Display

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About Amelec

Our ADT181DI is a Din Rail Mounted Frequency Input Single Output Trip Amplifier with a Display that is suitable for SIL1 and SIL2 rated safety loop applications (EN 61508-2) as 1oo1 architecture (HFT:0)

Input; Any regular pulse or repetitive waveform (including Namur, Sine, Square or Sawtooth). Minimum 25Hz calibrated span (maximum 40KHz input)

Output; Trip has a set of DPCO contacts, rated at 250VAC, 2A, 100VA (resistive). Red LED indication of relay status; ON Energised/Extinguished in Trip De-energised state as standard.

Display; Input frequency on a 3.5 digit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) as standard, with front fascia read button to show the trip set point within the calibrated scale.

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