ADM271 – Strain Gauge Input Signal Transmitter / Splitter/ Isolator

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About Amelec


The ADM271 is our strain gauge input signal transmitter / splitter / isolator which is suitable for SIL 1 & SIL 2 rated (EN 61508-2) safety instrumented system (SIS) loop applications, as 1oo1 architecture (HFT:0)

  • Input is any mV signal range with a minimum span of 4mV (Excitation; 10Vdc at up to 30mA as standard, 5V or 24Vdc available)
  • Provides a DC output signal proportional to a bridge type strain gauge utilised in load cells and pressure transducers
  • Outputs any standard process current or voltage in the range of; Current source up to 22mA max, each with drive voltage 12Vdc

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