ADM251K AC Signal Transmitter/Isolator with Dual Output

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About Amelec

Our ADM251K is an AC Signal Transmitter / Isolator with Dual Output which is suitable for SIL1 & SIL2 rated (EN 61508-2) safety instrumented system (SIS) loop applications, as 1oo1 architecture (HFT:0)

  • Input is any Sinusoidal AC Voltage or Current signal in the range of; Current up to 200mA max (passive) or Voltage up to 100V max as standard. Frequency ranges from 10Hz to 400Hz as standard. (Higher frequency, current, or voltage input options are available)
  • Output; DC current or voltage specified in the range of; Current up to 100mA max in Sink configuration (externally powered), Current up to 22mA max Source configuration (internally powered). Voltage; Any range up to 20Vdc max may be specified.
  • Application; Any application where AC voltage or current signals need to be converted/isolated, split and re-transmitted

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