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10 year warranty  10v excitation standard  2 channel  2 wire  21 standard 4HP wide instruments  24Vdc  3 wire  3U high aluminium enclosures  4 digit  4-20mA  4.5 digit  5 digit  6 digit  ac current transducer  ac/dc current transformer  adm211X  adm221X  adm230hv  adm230x-2  adm230x-3  adm231  adm231x-3  adm231x-4  ADT131KTX  aec series  aec210  aec220  aec221  aec232  aec240  aec270  aeh510  aeh520  ait ingress timer  apm489-Bar  apm489-Bar-Slim-V  asc231  bargraph  bright red LED  ce compliant  coil ammeter  Contact repeater  contact splitter  controller  converter  countdown timer  current  current signal conditioning  current transducer  current transmitter  current trasnducer  Cycle timer  dc current  dc current transducer  dc voltage  deviation  differential  digital display  digital panel meter  din rail  dip switches  dual channel  dual output  dual outputs  dual trip amp  excitation  excitation supply  hart  head mount transmitter  high voltage  inclinometer  individual plug-in modules  iron ammeter  large display  latching relay  lcd  led panel meter  loop powered  microprocessor digital panel meter  monitor  moving coil meter  moving iron meter  multi channel  non microprocessor  non-instrusive monitoring  potentiometer  power supply  process input  process output  process signal transmitter  process trip transmitter  programmable input/output  pt100  pt100 3 wire  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pt100Ω  pulse counter  pump contol  quadruple outputs  remote set points  resistance  rfi  rfi protection  ris rochester  rtd  rtd signal transmitter  rtd transmitter splitter  self powered  signal conditioner  signal converter  signal isolator  signal splitter  signal transmitter  sil 3  sil level 3  sil rated  simple configuration  single channel  single trip amp  slim  slim bargraph  split core  strain gauge  strain gauge transmitter  surface mount  tc/rtd  temp transmitter  temperature input  thermocouple  thermocouple input  thermocouple transmitter  three way  transducer  transformer  transmitter  trip amp  trip amplifier  trip transducer  trip transmitter  true universal  two channel  two outputs  two wire  two-wire input  type e  type j  type k  type t  universal ac/dc  voltage