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Power Generation

Power company

AMELEC manufacture & supply signal conditioning/process monitoring & control instrumentation for use within general monitoring, control & safety systems across all areas of a plant.

We cover sectors from anything Nuclear, Coal fired, Gas Fired, Oil fired, CHP & CCGT, Biomass, Hydro & Wind and more.

In the early days the CEGB approached AMELEC saying they had a need for our type of instrumentation on their power stations.

They asked if we would enter into a project with them to demonstrate that our products were suitable for use on their plants. Test programmes were put together by the CEGB and our instruments were type tested at independent test houses.

The results from those tests led the CEGB to issue type approval to the largest range of instruments ever covered on the one approval document.

Having also already been supplying instrumentation to the UKAEA since 1978, a similar project in the late 1980’s for Nuclear Electric led to the approval of our instruments for use on the Sizewell B power plant.

Where we quote /supply instrumentation to those area’s that require full Seismic qualification, the units will have the Surface / Keyhole plate mounting arrangements.

These were qualified on a tri-axial seismic table to the Sizewell B spectra 5 x OSE tests (20% SSE), 1x SSE test. In addition they were shaken to 0.25g & 0.4g all sites spectra, passing all tests and giving considerable confidence in the seismic capability.

Where we quote /  supply our ‘K’ option products, the instruments offered will comply with the radio frequency immunity test in accordance with the CEGB’s DN5, IEC801-3 & IEC61000-4-3 standards.

When applied to instruments the standards allow an error of 1% when the equipment is subjected to RF interference in the frequency range 20 to 1000MHz, in a field strength of up to 10V per metre.

Some of our clients are shown below:

Areva Centrica  Drax.  EDF
Guernsey Elec  Sellafield Ltd  Urenco.png Westinghouse