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Obsolescence & Refurbishment

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Overcoming Instrument Obsolescence or ageing instrumentation in numerous industries can prove to be a serious & potentially very expensive problem!

Flip through our Obsolescence & Refurbishment factsheet.


Industry A Series - Rack Mounting System Industry A Series - Rack Mounting System Industry A Series - Rack Mounting System

If you are faced with overcoming obsolescence with instruments originally supplied by Others, then replacing with a total new retrofit system upgrade can prove costly, involving a large amount of downtime as well as re-wiring & possible staff re-training etc.

Alternatively, simply provide AMELEC with the original manufacturer’s name / part no. / Your operating spec / etc.

We should then be able to provide you with a quote for cost effective, high quality, like for like pin compatible replacements for your obsolete or difficult to source instrumentation.

We can also upgrade and provide assistance with the GEC GEM80/8405-6 series and Rochester Rack mounted signal conditioning modules. View our GEC GEM80/8405-6 technical catalogue and our Rochester-RIS Replacements webpage.

Successful projects have included requests for the replacement of instruments, modules or cards, etc, originally supplied or manufactured by others for example including:

GEC, Camille Bauer, Protech, Hartmann & Braun, TCS, SIL, IMO, PR, RIS.

We have completed the supply of numerous new cards for such a refurbishment/replacement & upgrade project at Cadbury's Bourneville factory in Birmingham.

Obsolescence however is not a worry for you where instruments manufactured by AMELEC have been installed, as we still fully support and supply spares for our instruments supplied over 30 years ago in some cases.

This is another of our strengths, so should you wish to upgrade or refurbish areas of plant where aged AMELEC equipment is installed.

Please simply provide us with the Serial No. for any product in question & we will gladly provide you with a quote for the replacement / refurbishment / upgrade options available.

Email us for any enquiries