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Nuclear Sector

AMELEC has 35+ years experience in the nuclear sector supplying to Sellafield, AWE, Urenco, Magnox, CCFE, Westinghouse/Springfields Fuels, British Energy/EDF & the UK Nuclear fleet of Power Stations, for New Build through to Decommissioning Projects.

We support the EDF Energy UK fleet of nuclear power stations with our Instrumentation Refurbishment & Recalibration services on a regular basis. We still fully support our instrumentation originally supplied up to 30 years ago, and have also produced like-for-like pin compatible replacement products for systems not originally of our supply or manufacture!

AMELEC supplied in the region of 3,000 instruments for use across all areas of plant on the Sizewell B New Build Project, as well as assisting with general project and maintenance applications since.

Our design, manufacturing and test facilities are all in Milton Keynes, England. We have well established and trustworthy business relationships with sub contractors, manufacturers and suppliers both here in the UK and worldwide.

Dependent upon our customers’ requirements, we are able to respond to their wants and needs quickly and efficiently, ensuring the best return on their investment.

AMELEC manufactures a vast array of analogue Signal Conditioning/ Safety Critical Process Monitoring & Control Instrumentation, supplied with up to 10 Year Warranty.