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F.A.Q. Page

 Is Amelec an American owned company? 

  • No...Originally formed in February 1975, AMELEC remains a wholly owned British manufacturing & supply company celebrating over 35 years of excellence.

 Panic!.. Can we have some Signal Isolators tomorrow please!?

  • Yes...The AMELEC Compact AEC series Signal Isolators, Signal Splitters & Trip Amplifiers are generally built as stock items, available for next day or even same day delivery to assist your reactive maintenance engineers in their daily challenges.

  Can the Amelec Transmitters & Trip Amp’s be used in SIL rated Safety Systems?

  • Yes...AMELEC produce a vast array of instrumentation suitable for use in SIL 1, SIL 2 & SIL 3 rated safety loops & applications. They are covered by up to 10 year warranty and provided with the required FMEA analysis / independently verified failure data as per IEC 61508 / IEC61511 for your safety instrumentation engineer.

 What payment options are available?

  • As well as the usual credit accounts/ payment terms that may have been agreed between our accounts departments along with the preferred BACS payment method, AMELEC also accept payment for goods by Visa, MasterCard, Purchase Card or Cheque.

 Are the Amelec ABT / ABM / ABC series 19” Rack mounted instruments originally installed 25 years ago now Obsolete?

  • No...These instruments are still fully supported & available as new if required. The AMELEC AHT / AHM series offers an even higher density 21-way 19” Rack option if an upgrade or replacement system is preferred

  Do the Amelec ‘A’ & ‘Compact A’ / ‘AD’ series Transmitters & Trip Amp’s contain any uProcessors?

  • No...In fact all of the ‘A’, ‘AB’, ‘AH’, ‘Compact A’ / ‘AD’ & ‘AEC’ series instruments that AMELEC offer to the market place are based on straight forward well tried & tested analogue techniques, using readily available discrete components. Generally categorised as Type A devices, they are described as Simple Components with well-known failure modes and a solid history of operation.

          (Whereas instruments containing time dependent or microprocessor based circuitry tend to be categorised as Type B devices, Complex Components with potentially unknown failure modes i.e. microprocessors, ASICs, etc.)

 Are the Amelec ATA / AMT / ACC  series instruments originally installed up to 30 years ago now Obsolete? 

  • No...These instruments are still fully supported & available as new if required. The AMELEC AH, APM, Compact A, AD & AEC series instruments offer alternative options where upgrades or replacement systems are preferred.

What is Amelec's Policy on the use of Neoprene Sleeving?

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