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Chemical & Pharmaceutical

 chemical factory pic

As well as concentrating on the CEGB and other general utilities / process industry companies in the early days, AMELEC recognised the need also for our type of conditioning, monitoring and control instrumentation within the chemicals and pharmaceutical sectors.

We have experience in dealing within the Chemicals, Coatings, Healthcare, Medical, Vinyls, Resins and Acrylics.

We have successfully been supplying instrumentation into this sector since 1977.

Some of our earliest clients for example include; Dow Corning, Courtaulds, Glaxo and Clayton Aniline Dyes from 1977, ICI from 1978, Ciba Geigy from 1979, Durham Chemicals, Laporte Industries and Albright & Wilson from 1980, Dista Products from 1981, DuPont and Interox Chemicals from 1984.

Supplying quality instruments with up to 10 year warranties across the entire product range, along with our after sales service, fast response FOC technical support and site support service, AMELEC has continued on to supply most of the various companies within this sector over the years.

Listed on a number of approved supplier listings and holding various supply agreements over the years, AMELEC remains a regular reliable supplier with over 30 years' experience within the chemicals & pharmaceuticals sector.

All instrumentation is produced under the control of our Lloyds accredited ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system.

Some of our clients are shown below:

Akzo Nobel

Ciba Specialty Chemicals


Eli Lilly


Ineos Chlor



Lyondell Basell