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ASC Series

Our innovative and unique ASC Series, encompasses our technical prowess within the process monitoring and control instrumentation sector.

They range from Loop Powered Split-Core Transducer to AC & DC Transducers.

Overall key benefits:

  • CE & RoHS Compliant
  • Non-intrusive monitoring
  • Connect directly to PLC
  • Split Core CT for easy installation

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AEC Catalogue
ASC451LP - Split Core Loop Powered Current Transducer ASC-CT AC Current Transformer
      asc020.png asc-series.png

AC Current Transducer Network Rail Approved - ASC451LP

AC Current Split Core Transformer - ASC-CT

2A Compact DC Current Trip Transducer - ASC002


5A Compact DC Current Trip Transducer - ASC005

20Amp DC Current Trasnducer - ASC020

DC Current Split Core Transducer - ASC Series (20-500Amp Ranges)

DC Current Split Core Transducer - ASC-X Series (200 - 2000Amp)

Compact DC Current Transducer - ASC110-S DC Current Transducer - ASC330 DC Current Trip Transducer - ASC332  DC Current Clamp Transducer - ASC1500XA